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The Stores Purchase Organisation was created in the erstwhile Punjab in the year 1939. Ever-since it has been functioning as a central agency for making purchases for various Government Departments in the. State. Subsequently, in 1960, the work relating to the condemnation and disposal of unserviceable and surplus stores was also entrusted to this Organisation.

Since its inception, this organisation had been functioning as a sub-office of Directorate of Industries, under the charge of Additional Controller of Stores, with Director of Industries as the ex-officio Controller of Stores. On17-10-1975, it was declared as a full fledged independent Department thereby relieving the Director of Industries of the ex-officio charge. The nomenclature of this Department has been changed as Directorate of Supplies and Disposals, in May, 1983. The Head of the Department is Director, Supplies and Disposals...

Purchase of Stores


Rules and Procedures

Store Purchase Rules Contained in Appendix 14 to Punjab Financial Rules, Vol. II issued vide Finance Department. Notification No. 5630-4 FD H-61 Date 23.8.61 as Amended up to date.

Procedure and Rules for the purchase of stores by all Departments and offices of the Government of Haryana.

Preamble: The main feature of these rules consists in the assertion of a definite preference for stores produced and manufactured (wholly or partially in India, in general and the) Haryana (in particular) and of the utilization of the agency of the Haryana Directorate of Supplies and Disposals in respect of stores by all departments of the State of Haryana.

Disposal of Stores


Rules and Procedures

Condemnation and disposal of stores is governed by the rules for the Condemnation and Disposal of Unserviceable/Surplus Stores, contained in Annexure 'C' to chapter 15 of P.F.R. Volume 1 (Annexure I). The application of these rules has also been extended to the stores belonging to Public Sector Undertakings, Local Bodies etc. since 15-10-1984.

Rule 3 of these rules stipulates that all the Heads of Departments in the State should forward to the Director, Supplies and Disposals, Haryana quarterly each year by the prescribed date (1st of January, April, July and October each year)


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