List of Approved Source

The following have been declared as approved sources by the Government from time to time in respect of various items shown against their name :-

Sr.No. Name of approved Sources Items for which it is declared as an approved source

As per the state Government letter no. 6/03/2007-4IB-II dated: 14-02-2008

1. Prison Department All items manufactured by Jail Factories.
2. Sainik Pariwar Bhawan, Chhachhrauli For stitching of uniforms of class-IV employees and Drivers for District Ambala only.
3. Adult Blind Trg. Centre, Panipat Andh Vidyalaya Blind Relief Section, Hissar S.C.Inst. for Blind, Ambala Cantt. Re-canning of chairs
4. Chief Conservator of Forest Round & sawn Timber, Firewood and Crates
5. Khadi & Village Industries Hand made paper items manufactured by units financially assisted by KVIB.
6. Mahila Ashram Karnal,Rohtak & Faridabad For stitching of Govt. uniforms in respective districts.
7. National Association for Blind, Faridabad Recanning of chairs of offices of Faridabad.
8. Training Cum Production Centres, Gurgaon, Hissar and Raipur Rani run by Haryana Welfare Society for Deaf Only for respective districts for following:-
1. Stitching of Uniforms
2. Candles
3. Book binding
9. Hartron 1. Nodal agency for Computerization
a) Electronics Quartz Clock.
b) Time clocks
c) Time cum Temperature Clock
2. Teaching Aids and Training Kits
a) Teaching Aids.
b) Teaching Kits.
3. Voltage Stabilizers/Power Supplies
a) Voltage Stabilizers.
b) Power supplies.
4. Measuring Instruments:
a) Voltmeter
b) Wattmeter.
c) Ammeter.
d) Avometer/ Multimeter/ VTVMS.
e) Galvanometer.
f) DPMS.
g) LCR Bridges.
5. Oscilloscopes Testing Instruments:
a) Oscilloscopes.
b) AF Oscillators.
c) R.F.Signal Generators
d) FM-AM Signal Generators,synthesized signal generator
6. Battery Eliminators
7. Batteries & Battery Chargers
8. Scientific Instruments:
a) Digital Temperature Indicator
b) Wheatstone/Kelvin Bridges
c) D.C.Potentiometers.
9. Microscopes
10. Intercom Systems
11. Weight Boxes
12. Emergency Lights
14. Electronics Cash register
15. Electronic Type Writer
16. Telephone Diallers
17. Push Button Telephones
18. Word Processor/Personal computers
19. TV Boosters
20. Telescope for schools & colleges
21. TVs, VCRs and VCPs
10. Haryana Forest Dev. Corporation Ltd. Eucalyptus, Timber and Fire wood
11. Nurseries of Horticulture/ Agriculture Deptt./ HUDA/ Tourism Corporation. For supply of Fruits and Ornamental Plants subject to condition that these nurseries will compete with open market.
12. Non Conventional Energy Sources Deptt. Haryana. Solar Water Heating System, SPV Lighting System etc.

As per the state Government letter no. 6/3/2008-4IB-II dated: 20-11-2008

13. Rosin and Turpentine, Nahan Phenyl and turpentine oil

As per the state Government letter no. 6/6/2007-4IB-II dated: 01-09-2009

14. Haryana Forest Dev. Corporation Ltd. Barbed Wire

As per the state Government letter no. 6/1/2009-4IB-II dated: 15-10-2010

15. Haryana Forest Dev. Corporation Ltd. Round & Sawn Material of various Timber, Wooden Furniture, Firewood & Crates

As per the state Government letter no. 4/5/2011-4IB-II dated: 14-05-2012 And letter no 2/2/2016 -41B-II dated 31.05.2019

16. HAFED Vegetable Oils manufactured by them only and Bajra