Standing Purchase Committees

State Government have constituted five Departmental Standing Purchase Committees for finalizing purchase of stores required by various Government Departments as mentioned hereunder

  • S.P.C. for finalizing the purchase of Engg. Goods
    This committee is a competent to finalist purchase of Engg. Goods including machine tools, vehicles, auto-mobiles and its accessories, construction, machinery, agriculture implements, structural steel metals and their alloys, hospital equipment, instruments, sanitary equipment, electrical / electronic goods and other allied Engg. goods.
  • S.P.C. for the purchase of Medical Equipment and Stores
    This committee is competent to make purchases of Medical Equipment, stores, medicines, (Allopathic , Unani and Ayurvedic Medicines) Raw drugs etc.
  • S.P.C. for Leather and Leather goods
    This committee is competent to finalist the purchase leather and leather goods
  • S.P.C. for Timber and Wood etc
  • S.P.C. for of Textile goods
    This committee is competent to make purchases of textile goods

The following departments have been allowed to make purchases through these S.P.C.'s for items mentioned against each

P.W.D. B& R All items
P.W.D. Public Health Do
Medical Health Medicine and Medical equipments
Police All items
Social Welfare Textile goods only
Agriculture Deptt Purchase of Plant-Protection equipment and Pesticides
Industries Deptt Purchase of Machinery and equipment for Q.M.C. Heat Treatment Centres and Industrial Developments Centres
Industrial Training Department Machinery and tools for Industrial training institutions in Haryana
Jails Raw material for Jails
Civil Secretariat Livery cloth & hosiery goods for Livery of Class IV officials
Printing & Stationery Deptt Printing Machinery

The functioning of these committees is regulated as under

  • Scope : The channel of the committees will be utilised in effecting pur chases of stores
    • On the basis of express and specific sanction of Government in cases of urgency : in respect of stores involving fluctuating market, stores of specialized nature and stores where standard specifications are not available or where despite / tenders / quotations, response is poor and for ensuring-expeditious supplies etc
    • For obtaining general guidance regarding specifications
  • Quorum : This will be of three members, two ofwhom would essentially be Director of Supplies & Disposals or his nominee and the Head of the Indenting Department or his representative. Where samples are to be examined / approved the represent ative of Vigilance Deptt. will also be an essential member
  • Duration : These will be Standing Committees of the Directorate of Supplies & Disposals
  • Powers : The Committee will have full powers for finalising purchases even by relaxing provision of stores purchase Rules where considered necessary in the Public interest e.g. in respect of
    • Depositing of Earnest money
    • Payment terms and
    • F.O.R. terms
  • Procedure :
    • Normally, before any purchase is effected through these purchase committees, tenders/quotations will be invited by the Director Supplies & Disposals, according to the prescribed procedure.. Such quotations/tenders will be considered by the committees
    • In case short term quotations/rate contract have been invited/ executed for similar items of stores etc. by the Directorate the same will be taken into account while making purchases
    • In case where the procedure vide (1) above is not found feasible, quotations would be invited by the committees on the spot by inviting dealers of suitable market/markets of the required material and purchase decided after inspection of material offered by the different parties
    • Reasons for ignoring the lowest rates, if any, would be recorded in detail in the proceedings of the committees
    • The Director of Supplies & Disposals, Deputy Director/Assistant Director, Supplies & Disposals will be competent to sign the supply order to be placed on behalf of the Committees irrespective of the value of stores
    • The decision of the Committees should be unanimous. In case of dis-agreement between members, the matter will be reported to the Government in the Finance Department whose decision would be final
    • The payment will be made by the Indenting Officer after Inspection and acceptance of stores strictly as per specifications
    • The record in respect of all the proceedings of the Committees shall be prepared /maintained by the representative of Director Supplies and Disposals. The proceedings shall be got signed by the participants

Three levels of S.P.C.'s

  • The S.P.C.'s shall be competent to finalise the purchase cases according to following financial delegation
  • All these five Standing Purchase Committees mentioned in Para 6.11 work at three different level given below
S.P.C. (Lower) To finalise purchase cases upto the value of Rs. 2.5 lacs
S.P.C.(Higher) To finalise purchase cases for value of Stores more 'than Rs. 2.5 lacs upto Rs. 5 lacs
High Powered Committee To finalise the purchases exceeding Rs. 5 lacs