Acceptance & Security Deposit

Immediately on receipt of the acceptance the security should be deposited in the form of Call Deposit Receipt / Demand Draft in favour of Director Supplies & Disposals, Haryana, Account ( Name of the firm) alongwith the Schedule `B’ duly signed within the specified period.

Sometimes certain firms intentionally delay the security deposit to gain time towards delivery period, but according to the existing procedure ,if the security is not deposited by the firm within the specific period mentioned in the acceptance letter, the computation of the delivery period starts from the expiry of the said specified period and ,therefore ,no useful purpose is served by the firms delaying the deposit of the security beyond the due date. It may also be noted that any overt or covert attempt to gain time by entering into correspondence on filmsy ground will also not helpful .In case any clarification is required, the firm should obtain in the same at personal level from the Directorate within the specified period.

In case there is any inconsistency between the acceptance letter and the offer , it should be immediately brought to the notice of this office for rectification failing which it would be presumed that there is no objection and binding contract will come into force as soon as the acknowledgement/ security is received.