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Copy of Haryana Govt. Industries Department letter No. 11 (3)-25-51B-11-79, dated 15-4-81 addressed to all Heads of Departments, Commissioners, Ambala & Hissar Divisions, all Deputy Commissioners and Sub Divisional Officers (Civil), Haryana State, the Registrar, Punjab and Haryana High Court

Subject : Approved Sources

The following sources of supply have been declared as approved source vide Haryana Government notification No. 2633-2 FR-19027, dated 17-7-1975 and Memo No. 6114-5 IB-II-77, dated 20-3-78.

  • Jail Factories
  • Co-operative Societies/Industries Institutions run by various Departments of the State Govt
  • Haryana Red Cross Society
  • Haryana Agro Industries Corporation (for the supply of tractors and other Agriculture Implements to all Haryana Govt. offices)
  • Shoes Production Centre at Karnal run by Haryana Harijan Kalyan Nigam Ltd., Chandigarh (for the supply of shoes, Chappals, required by the Police, Transports, Home Guard and other Departments of the State Govt.)
  • Haryana State Small Industries and Export Corporation Ltd., Chandigarh
  • Haryana State Handloom & Handicraft Corporation Ltd., Chandigarh

After careful consideration the Government have decided as under

Tn partial modification of Haryana Govt. letter No.II (3) 25-5 IB-79, dated 25-6-79 the Haryana Red Cross Society shall continue to be approved source for the . supply of Hospital garments/Linens but in case the Red Cross Society is unable to meet the demand for the supply of these items it shall refer such indents to Haryana State Small Industries & Export Corporation and shall not issue non availability certificate. On receiving such demands the said Corporation shall arrange to make supplies and if necessary issue non availability certificate.

  • As far as supply of inlets/outlets is concerned orders for manufacture and supply of inlets/outlets shall be first placed with Haryana State Small Industries and Export Corporation. If this Corporation is unable to meet a portion of the demand, the orders for balance requirements shall be placed with Haryana Agro Industries Corporation. Non-availibility certificate shall be issued by Haryana Agro Industries Corporation in case they are unable to meet the demand
  • The following items are declared as reserved items being manufactured by the tiny rural units exclusively to be marketed through Haryana State Small Industries and Export Corporation
TaslaAs per weight of C.R. 20 Gauge sheets
BucketAs per size of 24 G.P. Sheet.
SpadeAs per weight of 16 G,C.R. sheet
KhurpaAs per weight of 20 G.C.R. Sheet
Pick Axe (Gutti)As per weight of Pig/wrought Iron
Shovel (Belcha)As per weight of pig/wrought Iron
JumperAs per weight of Pig/Wrought Iron
Nakka PlatesDo
Grass Cutter BladeDosize of various gauge
Steel TrunksDowith various sizes & material.
Soaking/morter tanksDo
Storage BinDo
Water Storage TanksDo
Wheels BarrowsDo
Tarring EquipmentDo
Window GrillsDo
Dust BinsDo

These instructions be complied with strictly.


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