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Copy of memo No. ll(I)-2-5 IBII-80 dated 27-9-1984 from the Financial Commissioner & Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Industries Departmenr addressed to the Director, Supplies & Disposals, Haryana, Chandigarh

Subject : Declaring of Haryana Khadi Village Industries Board as an approved source

Reference your memo No. E/I 1/200/9440, dated 23-5-84 on the snbject noted above

  • The Governor of Haryana is pleased to declare the Haryana Khadi & 'Village Industries Board to be an approved source for the supply of items (Specified in the Annexure)which are manufactured by the Board or the units registered with it, to the Haryana Government Department
  • This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Department conveyed vide their letter U.O. No. 2373-2 FD-III-84, dated 28-8-1984

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