Index Register and Case File Number

    On receipt of an indent in the Directorate it is first entered in the Diary Register and given a diary number by the Receipt clerk and passed on to the Branch in charge of the Purchase Section concerned. This is then marked to the Record Keeper who is responsible for maintaining the Index Register. This register is maintained in Form S.P. 9. In case there is more than one Record Keeper, the senior clerk (R.K.) will normally be made responsible for maintaining this register. This Record Keeper allots the file number to each indent. The Sr. No. of files is started every year from 1st April, and is continued upto the end of the financial year. The file number is allotted in the following manner

    • First of all is indicated the Sr.No. of index register
    • Next comes the notation ‘HR’
    • Then comes the notation of the particular section as under
      1. G for General Section
      2. E for Engg. Section
      3. TL for Textile Section & Leather Section
    • This is followed by the Serial Number of the dealing Assistant
    • Finally the current year

      For instance, the indent entered at Sr. No. 100 in Engg. section belonging to Assistant E-I in the year 1984-85 will be given file number as 100/HR/E-1/84―85. This number is indicated on the right hand top corner of the covering letter or the indent itself

    In case the indent relates to the Assistant to whom the R.K. maintaining the register is attached he himself will open the case file but in case this does not relate to the Assistant to whom he is attached he will pass if on to the concerned R.K. after getting the signatures on the index register against the relevant entries, who will open the case file of that indent

    After the file has been opened the R.K. will docket the indent on a note sheet indicating the following particulars and putting his signatures at the end

    • Letter number & date of the Indenting Officer
    • Officer from whom received
    • Brief subject

    On receipt of this indent, case file, the dealing Assistant will make the entry in the indent Progress Register in Form S.P. 9 A. This register will be maintained upto date by the dealing Assistant and submitted to the Branch in charge on 1st of every month, and by 5th to the Branch Officer who will scrutinize all the entries and put his signatures in token of having seen the same. He will record proper remarks and will make sure that there is no unnecessary delay in the disposal of the case

    This register will be put up by the D.A. personally to the D.S. & D latest, by 10th of every month