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    State Policy for the administration of staff cars/ vehicles and purchase of staff cars/ vehicles by the Government Department/ Boards/ Corporations etc. 05/10/2016
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    Revision of Financial Powers of various Puchase Committees/authorities as contained in State Govt. Order in the Department of Industries & Commerce No. 2/2/2016-4I Bill dated 29-8-2016 – Amendment/addition in the said order. 30/09/2016
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    Clarification regarding parallel scope of work for procurement of various types of equipments by Supplies & Disposals Haryana and HARTRON 30/08/2016
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    Engaging the services of procurement agencies other than the State Govt. authorized Govt. Department/ Govt. Agency – Regarding 30/08/2016
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    Revision of financial power of Special High Powered Committee constituted vides Govt. Order No. 2/7/2006-4l B-II dated 29.06.2011 issued by Department of Industries & Commerce 29/08/2016
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    Revision of financial power of Committee constituted Vides Govt. Order No. 2/1/2015-41 B-II dated 04.06.2015 to decide the appointment of Consultant for various kinds of Consultancy Assignments 29/08/2016
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    Revision of Financial powers of various Purchase Committees/authorities as contained in State Govt. Order No. 2/1/2004-41 B-II dated 06.05.2005 Order n. 2/2/2010-41 B-II dated 04.09.2015 and Order No. 2/7/2006-41 BII dated 30.06.2011 issued by Department of Industries & Commerce 29/08/2016
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    Processing charges of Director, Supplies & Disposals, Haryana for processing the indents of Boards/Corporations/Federations/Govt. Agencies – Regarding recovery of processing charges 02/08/2016
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    Grievance Redressal Mechanism for participating Bidders/Firms in the e-Procurement of the State 25/07/2016
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    Policy For Procurement of Services :- Outsourcing of Vehicles in various offices of the Government Department/Government Agencies of the State 05/07/2016
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    Fixation of date and time for the meeting of High Powered Purchase Committee to decide various cases-seeking proir approval for placing any matter before High Powered Purchase Committee 23/06/2016
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    Fixing of uniform minimum threshold value of e-Tendering in respect of procurement of Stores/Goods/Works/Services. 10/06/2016
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