The Stores Purchase Organization was created in the erstwhile Punjab in the year 1939. Ever-since it has been functioning as a central agency for making purchases for various Government Departments in the. State. Subsequently, in 1960, the work relating to the condemnation and disposal of unserviceable and surplus stores was also entrusted to this Organization.

    Since its inception, this organization had been functioning as a sub-office of Directorate of Industries, under the charge of Additional Controller of Stores, with Director of Industries as the ex-officio Controller of Stores. On17-10-1975, it was declared as a full fledged independent Department thereby relieving the Director of Industries of the ex-officio charge. The nomenclature of this Department has been changed as Directorate of Supplies and Disposals, in May, 1983. The Head of the Department is Director, Supplies and Disposals and the office is known as the Directorate of Supplies and Disposals, Haryana, which is located at Chandigarh.