This Directorate is responsible for the purchase of stores required by all the Departments of the State Govt. and their attached/subordinate offices and also for local bodies, like Municipal Committees, Public Sector Undertakings, Boards etc., which may place indents of their requirements. Following categories of stores are excluded from its purview:-

    • Lethal Stores
    • Printing & Stationery items (Except Printing Machines & Photostat equipment’s)
    • Food grains and Food-Stuffs
    • Stone, Road metal, Bricks and Sand

    Spare parts of machinery already installed also fall outside the purview of this Directorate provided the purchase of the same is made from original manufacturers of the machinery or their accredited agents as per the State Govt. instructions. In case such spare parts are not available from the above sources, the same are to be purchased through this Directorate.

    The Functions of the Directorate are as Under

    To act as purchasing agency for all the State Government Departments (except where otherwise provided, in the Govt. instructions/rules). Local Bodies, Public Sector Undertakings and Boards etc. can also avail its services on payment of departmental charges as prescribed by the Government from time to time. At present, the rate of Departmental charges is 1%. The purchases are made

    • By declaring certain Public Sector Undertakings/Institutions as approved sources
    • By arranging rate contracts
    • By operating rate contracts arranged by D.G.S& D
    • By inviting tenders/quotations on receipts of indents from departments from time to time

    To tender advice on matters connected with the purchase and disposal of stores to State Govt. Departments, Public Sector Undertakings etc.

    To arrange the disposal of surplus/unserviceable stores.

    To arrange for settlement of disputes between suppliers and Indenting Departments arising out of purchase orders/rate contracts etc. and where necessary, refer the matter to arbitrators or Courts and to defend all cases brought before Arbitrators/Courts.