Completion of Contract

    • No Demand Certificate Where the contract has been duly executed and there is absolutely no dispute, of any kind with the contractor about the supplies a “No Demand Certificate” in the following form shall be sent by I.O. to the Director, Supplies & Disposals within one month from the date of expiry of the completion of supplies
    • “Certified that the contractor has completed the supplies satisfactorily according to the terms of contract within the delivery period and there is nothing outstanding against him.”
    • In case the contractor has almost completed the supply but there are trivial shortages/excesses therein the matter is reported to the Directorate for decision
    • In case nothing is heard from I.O. about the completion of contract even after one month of expiry of delivery period a reference is made under registered cover by the Directorate to I.O. asking for “No Demand Certificate”. In case no reply is received within one month from the date of such reference, it shall be presumed that there is nothing against the contractor, and no further reference shall be made to I.O. in this behalf. The I.O. shall be responsible for all consequences arising from release of security