Composition of the Standing Purchase Committees

    The following are the members of five Standing Purchase Committees
    S.P.C. (Lower) S.P.C (Higher) High Powered Committee
    Director Supplies & Disposals, or his representative Financial Commissioner & Secy, to Govt. Haryana Ind. Dep’t. or his representative Chief Minister
    Head of the Indenting Deptt., or his representative Finance Secy, to Govt. Haryana or his representative Industries Minister (Minister in charge of Stores Purchase Department)
    Technical Expert of Directorate Director Supplies & Disposals , or his representative Finance Minister
    Any other expert/ experts of any Govt. or Semi-Govt. institutions where found feasible by DS& D Head of the Indenting Deptt., or his representative Minister In charge of Indenting Department
    Technical Expert Financial Com­ missioner & Secy. to Govt. Haryana, Industries Depart ment
    Secy, to Govt. Haryana Finance Department
    Administrative Secretary of Department concerned
    Head of the Indent ing Deptt
    Director Supplies & Disposals (Member Secretary)
    Technical Expert to be associated when necessary

    In all the above committees, a representative of Vigilance Department is invariably associated as a member where samples are to be examined.

    Govt. notifications regarding the constitution of these Committees have been given in Annexure to this Chapter.