Dispatch & Delivery of Stores

    As soon as the inspection of stores has been completed to the satisfaction of the Inspecting officer and the inspection note accepting the stores has been issued the stores should be dispatched immediately at railway risk or duly insured as provided in the contract, Dispatch must be made within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt of inspection note from the inspecting officer. But if on account of some unavoidable reasons arising from the non booking by railways or any other contingency beyond the control of the contractor it is not possible to do so the mater should be brought immediately to the notice of the Indenting officer as well as the consignee and the Director Supplies & Disposals, Haryana.

    In case the stores are to be sent by road transport these should be physically delivered against receipt from the consignee. Never should the G/R negotiated through bank as no payment is admissible against G/R under the Stores Purchase Rules. The responsibility for demurrage , transit risk and delay will be squarely on contractor in such cases. In case the dispatch is not made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the inspection note accepting the stores and the delay is not found to be for reasons beyond the control of the contractor ,it will be counted towards penalty.

    The stores should be properly & securely packed so as to avoid any breakage/pilferage/shortage in transit .It will be the sole responsibility of the contractor to supply the stores in perfectly good condition to the consignee and ,therefore, any shortage /pilferage/ breakage in transit will be to their account.

    In case an intimation is received from the indenting office/consignee regarding breakage /shortage or defective supplies ,this should be immediately looked into and personal contract established with the officer concerned to have the matter sorted out.

    The shortage/defective stores should be made up/replaced without any unnecessary correspondence. Where replace of defective stores is involved, the contractor is required to furnish a suitable security in the form of Bank guarantee valid for a period of One year and Six months equivalent to the value of defective stores to be replaced and also an undertaking on a non judicial stamp paper of Rs.3/- that he will replace the stores within a specified period.

    In case the indenting officer/consignee intimates any shortage in the stores, which had been booked at railway risk, the contractor should immediately get into touch with the consignee and the railway authorities and take all necessary steps for having the claim filed and settled expeditiously