The tenders for the disposal of unserviceable /surplus stores are published in the Press on the Ist & 16th of every month. Normally these advertisements appear in the National /Local News papers

    The tenders on plain papers or letter heads must be deposit personally in the tender box lying with the Receptionist by the due date and time of the opening of the tenders as mentioned in the tender notice .The tenders may also be sent by post so as to reach this office by the due date and time.

    Under no circumstances shall a tender be accepted after the due date and time of opening of the tenders.

    The tenders must be accompanied by the Earnest Money in the form of Call Deposit Receipt /Demand Draft pledged in favour of Director Supplies & Disposals, Haryana, otherwise these may be straightaway rejected

    The tenders must be put in an envelop which should be sealed .The number of the vehicle and the superscribed number of the items as mentioned in tender notice should be written on the top of the envelop in bold letters to facilitate the sorting out of the tenders at the time of opening

    While submitting the tenders the following point must be kept in view

    • Schedule `A’ which is available with the Receptionist and Industrial Liaison Officer, Haryana Bhawan ,Copernicus Marg , New Delhi. must be seen for detailed information about the stores in question
    • These stores should be inspected at the places mentioned in the tender notice
    • In case of any difficulty about the inspection of the stores the matter should be brought to the notice of the indenting officer personally under advice to the Director Supplies & Disposals, Haryana

    The rates should be quoted very neatly and correctly

    The rates should be quoted for each items separately .However ,in case of spare parts which are quite large in number the rates should be quoted for the whole lot unless otherwise desired in the tender notice / Schedule `A’.

    There should be no cuttings, overwriting or erasures.

    All over writings/cutting etc. must be attested.

    It must be clearly stated in the tender as to whether the rates are inclusive or exclusive of sales tax. In case it is not so mentioned ,it will be presumed that the rates are exclusive of the sales tax.

    The tender must be signed by the tenderer and the complete name and address should be given therein.

    As soon as acceptance letter is received ,the tenderer must deposit the security and the sales tax as indicated therein within the prescribed period .In case this is not done, earnest money deposited by the tenderer shall be forfeited.

    If for any unavoidable reason the tenderer is not able to deposit the security/sales tax within the specified period ,he may immediately make a request to this office for extension of time. Such extension is allowed only is very deserving cases and not as a matter of routine .The tenderer should , therefore, take all possible steps to stick to the time limit.

    The amount of security to be deposited is at the rate of 10% of the offer exclusive of sales tax and is indicated in the letter issued by this office. The amount of earnest money already deposited is adjusted towards the security.

    The security should be deposited in the form of Call Deposit Receipt/Demand Draft duly pledged in favour of Director Supplies & Disposals, Haryana while the sales tax is to be deposited in the form of Demand Draft payable to Director Supplies & Disposals, Haryana.

    After the security and sales tax has been deposited ,the Sales order is issued by this office specifying time for lifting the stores.

    The purchaser must lift the stores within the specified period failing which the security is liable to forfeited. If there are any unavoidable circumstances , a request for extension of period should be made well in time.

    On lifting the stores the purchaser must obtain a receipt from the indenting officer in token of having made the payment and having received the stores ,and make a request to him to send the “NO DEMAND CERTIFICATE” to the Directorate forthwith.

    The purchaser should send a Photostat copy of this receipt along with a covering letter to this office for information and also make a request for release of security.

    The security is released only after the indenting officer has sent the “NO DEMAND CERTIFICATE” .In case of delay ,the purchaser may in his own interest get into touch with the indenting offer to have the certificate expedited so that the security amount could be released without delay.

    In case the purchaser defaults in lifting the stores within the stipulated time ,a show cause notice is issued to him for the forfeiture of the security.

    On receipt of such a notice ,he should immediately send the reply within the specified period failing which the security will be forfeited the Government account without any further reference.

    In case the purchaser has any difficulty in lifting the stores or that stores are found to be short, or in a condition substantially different from the one found at the time of inspection, he should immediately bring the matter to the notice of this Directorate and if possible contact the officer concerned as also the indenting officer at personal level to have the matter sorted out.

    In case on investigation it is found that the complaint is genuine, necessary action will be taken by this Directorate to give relief to the purchaser.