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    Reasonability of Rates for the Finalization of procurement of Goods/Stores, Works & Services- Regarding amendments to include GeM Rates. 19/10/2021
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    Grievance Redressal Mechanism for participating Bidders/Firms in the e-Procurement of the State 25/07/2016
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    Procurement of Consultancy/Competent Authorities, scope, power etc. 13/08/2021
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    Benefits/Concessions to Haryana based MSMEs in Public Procurement 13/08/2021
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    Adoption of Government e-Marketplace (GeM) by the state -Amendments for effective and accelerated implementation. 21/06/2021
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    Policy decisions/ guidelines on procurement of Stores through the Directorate of Supplies and Disposals – regarding. 28/05/2010
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    Observation of warning signs of Collusion/Bid Rigging by the bidder firms in various tendering processes & action to be taken – Regarding 23/04/2021
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    Standard format/template for agenda notes to be submitted by various Govt. Departments /Agencies/Oganisation for placing before HPPC/DHPPC or any other High Powered competent authority for their consideration and finalization 23/04/2021
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    Constitution of Standing Purchase Committees for the purchase of various type of Stores required by the Govt. Departments & Boards/ Corporations/ Federations in the State of Haryana 22/07/2004
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    Constitution of Purchase Committees and Purchase Procedure. 06/05/2005
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    Amendment in Purchase Policy/ Procedure. 08/06/2005
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    Policy guidelines for the purchase of various vehicles. 08/03/2006
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