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    Rate Contract
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    Rate Contract for the purchase of ptty Tools valid up to 16.03.2023. 17/03/2021
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    Rate Contract for the Purchase of Multilayered Extruded Cross Laminated Tarpualins on annual Rate valid up to 10.11.2021. 11/11/2020
    Accessible Version : View(4 MB)
    Rate Contract for the Supply of Instruments for Soil Testing Laboratories valid upto 09.12.2022. 10/12/2020
    Accessible Version : View(7 MB)
    Rate Contract for the Supply of ISI Marked 43 grade Ordinary Portland Cement valid up to 02-11-2021 03/11/2020
    Accessible Version : View(3 MB)
    Rate Contract for OP Cement & P.P Cement valid from 03-11-2020 upto 02-11-2021 03/11/2020
    Accessible Version : View(5 MB)
    Rate Contract for Generic Allopathic Veterinary Medicine valid from 02-07-2020 upto 01-07-2022 02/07/2020
    Accessible Version : View(3 MB)
    Rate Contract Of Electronics Labs System from 10.06.2020 to 09.06.2022 10/06/2020
    Accessible Version : View(6 MB)
    RC Sanitary Napkin valid up to 17.05.2021 18/05/2020
    Accessible Version : View(5 MB)
    RC for Cement 2019 26/06/2019
    Accessible Version : View(1 MB)
    Rate Contract of E-Weighing Machine from 11.09.2019 to 10.09.2020 11/09/2019
    Accessible Version : View(2 MB)
    Rate Contract of D.I Pipes from 07.03.2019 to 06.03.2020 07/03/2019
    Accessible Version : View(225 KB)
    Rate Contract ISI Marked Poly Aluminum Chloride valid upto 02.02.2021 03/02/2020
    Accessible Version : View(2 MB)