For the Rate Contract Firms Only

    It is obligatory on the part of the contractors/firms on the rate contract vide condition No.12 (iv) of schedule `B’ i.e conditions of contract to send quarterly statement of the stores supplied by them against the rate contracts

    Where the contractor do not comply with this requirement ,it can be treated as a breach of the terms of the contract and leads to penal action against them. The contractors are, therefore, advised to abide by this conditions scrupulously.

    After the rate contract has been issued the contractors are required to complete the following formalities namely

    • Execution of the Agreement in the prescribed proforma Annexure-VIII on Non-Judicial stamp paper of Rs.3/-
    • Signing of the tender form including Schedule `B’ on each page
    • Attestation of the Schedule `B’ and agreement by two witnesses
    • Signing of each page of the two copies of rate contract sent to them
    • Submission of power of Attorney in favor of the person authorized to sign the contract

    It is often observed that the contractor neither fill up the blank spaces properly nor get the necessary attestation done from the witnesses. Sometimes they retain one copy of rate contract and returned only the other copy instead of both the copies and so on. This leads to repeated back reference and entails unnecessary delays in the completion of the documents.

    It is, therefore, essential that the contractors execute the various agreement/documents very carefully and expeditiously and follow the direction given for the completion of the various documents very minutely so as to avoid unnecessary delay.

    The contractors are also required to send the counter samples for approval by this office. This counter sample is to be the exact replica of the original sample already approved .In certain case the contractors may also be required to submit the counter sample with certain modification in the original sample submitted by them. They are accordingly required to submit that counter sample strictly in accordance with the modifications asked for . The counter sample is very essential for enabling the Indenting Departments to compare the bulk supplies at the time of inspection. In the absence of the counter sample, it is not possible for them to accept the supplies .It is, therefore, in the interest of the contractors to submit the counter sample and have the same duly approved within the stipulated period.

    Failure to submit the counter sample within the stipulated period or repeatedly offering counter samples not conforming to the originally approved sample can form the basis of cancellation of the contract and penal action including risk purchase and debarring them from transacting the business with the Government.