The stores should be offered for inspection to the Indenting office under intimation to this Directorate and consignee mentioned in the supply order well before the expiry of the delivery period.

    The stores offered for inspection should strictly confirm to the prescribed specifications.

    The facilities regarding inspection/testing of stores should be provided to the inspecting officer .In case the inspection offer desires to have the sample out of bulk supply tested from any Government/Government approved Laboratory as provided in the terms of the contract , testing charges for the Laboratory should be remitted immediately to the concerned Laboratory for expeditions testing .The proforma for issuing the inspection note by the inspecting officer after the inspection of stores is given in the Annexure. VI. The inspection note on this proforma be got typed as per direction of the inspecting officer to enable him to issue the same immediately after the inspection is over.

    In case any deficiency or deviation from specifications is pointed out by the inspection officer, it should be rectified immediately and stores offered for inspection at the earliest .If defects pointed out by the inspecting officer are not possible to rectify ,fresh stores be manufactured or arranged and offered for inspection within the delivery period.

    Repeatedly offering stores not conforming to specification is viewed seriously and must be scrupulously avoided as it leads to risk purchase proceeding and other penal action.