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    Standard format/template for agenda notes to be submitted by various Govt. Departments /Agencies/Oganisation for placing before HPPC/DHPPC or any other High Powered competent authority for their consideration and finalization 23/04/2021
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    Observation of warning signs of Collusion/Bid Rigging by the bidder firms in various tendering processes & action to be taken – Regarding 23/04/2021
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    Constitution of Department High Powered Purchase Committe (DHPPC) for the procurement of Goods/ Stores, Turnkey & Services – Nomination of Minister Member. 24/02/2021
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    Financial powers of various purchase committees/Authorities in respect of procurement of Goods/Stores, Turnkey and services 02/02/2021
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    Allotment of work product or service to any CPSU on nomination basis. 12/01/2021
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    Constitution of Department High Powered Purchase Committee (DHPPC) for the procurement of Goods/Stores Turnkey & Services. 12/01/2021
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    Amendment in performance Security Deposit of the Successful tenderer in public procurement of the State. 14/12/2020
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    Restrictions in Public Procurement from bidders of Certain Countries. 10/12/2020
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    Haryana State Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India)- 2020 18/11/2020
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    Preventive Measures to Contain the Spread of COVID -19 – Streamlining the State Purchase Procedures Instruction/ Guidelines – Regarding Withdrawal. 12/06/2020
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    Declaring of manufacturing enterprises of the state registered with Haryana Khadi Village and Village Industries Board (HKVIB) as an approved source of the state. 09/06/2020
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    Schedule for HPPC Meeting – Regarding Listing of Agenda Norms. 02/06/2020
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