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    Standard Marketable Measurement Units as part of specification in respect of stores like chemicals, medicines and any other such items to be procured at various levels 06/06/2016
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    Reasonability of rates for the finalization of Procurement of Goods/Store, Works & Services 02/06/2016
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    Automatic Transfer of tender fee in the relevant treasury Government Departmeni/relevant bank account Board/Corporation/Federations 29/01/2016
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    HPPC not to consider any case processed in Offline Mode 21/12/2015
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    One time request for automatic transfer of EMD to create FD for Escrow 15/12/2015
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    Issue of drooping/ cancellation of tenders being processed by this office during the financial year 2015-16 06/11/2015
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    State Policy for the administration of staff cars/ vehicles and purchase of staff cars/ vehicles by the Government Department/ Boards/ Corporations etc. 26/10/2015
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    Regarding quorum of the High Powered Purchase Committee for deciding the purchases of Government Departments/ Boards/ Corporations 28/09/2015
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    State Level Advisory Committee for Monitoring Standardization and Quality Systems of various products for a period of three years 17/09/2015
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    Arranging of Rate Contract of Stores required by various Government Departments/ Boards/ Corporations of Haryana 04/09/2015
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    Bringing all the Departments/Divisions/Rural Bodies/Autonomous Bodies under the purview of e-Procurement by 30.09.2015 08/07/2015
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    Constitution of a Committee to decide the appointment of Consultant involving financial outgo below Rs 50 lakhs. 04/06/2015
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