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    Allowing the benefits/concessions to the Haryana based Micro and Small Scale Enterprises and Khadi & Village Industries in the purchase by the State of Haryana 24/03/2015
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    Regarding quorum of the High Powered Purchase Committee for deciding the purchases of Government Departments/ Boards/ Corporations 27/02/2015
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    Policy guidelines for procurement of Stores, Rate Contracts and Turnkey Contracts -negotiation there of. 09/02/2015
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    Opening of Escrow Accounts for Earnest Money Deposit with ICICI Bank for Haryana State Single eProcurement Portal for procurement of Stores/goods, Works & Services. 29/01/2015
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    Implementation of the Policy decisions taken by the High Powered Purchase Committee in its meeting held on 09.12.2014 under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Finance Minister, Haryana regarding the purchase/ rate contract cases of Government Departments, Boards/Corporations to be decided in future by the HPPC. 06/01/2015
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    Reconstitution of High Powered Purchase Committee for the purchase of Stores 01/12/2014
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    Policy guidelines for procurement of Stores & Goods and Turnkey Contracts-negotiation regarding. 16/06/2014
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    Panel for appointment of Arbitrators in respect of Procurement contracts/Rate Contracts of Goods and Stores processed through the Directorate of Supplies & Disposals, Haryana 27/03/2014
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    Dispute between M/s Sanan Values and Tubes (P) Ltd., Delhi V/s Director, Supplies & Disposals, Haryana & other-issue of Arbitrator’s fee & other charges. 25/02/2014
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    Implementation of e-Procurement system through single web portal for the State Government and its agencies for procurement of goods and stores, works and Services. 11/02/2014
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    Policy guidelines for procurement of Stores through Rate Contract System in substitution of G.O. No. 2/2/2010-4IB-II dated 20.04.2012. 18/06/2013
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    Purchase of vehicles against Rate Contract issued by DS&D, Haryana. 23/05/2013
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