Invitation of Tenders and Time Allowed to Tenderers for Quoting Rates

    Ail indent, which have been scrutinized and found to be in-order up to 7th and 21 st day of the next month be included in the next immediate tender notice.

    • The tender notice in form SP-11 is published in leading newspapers on 1st and 16th of every month through D.P.R. Haryana. A period of 30 days is allowed to the tenderers for submitting their offers in response to open tenders. The tender notice is sent to D.P.R. at least a week before the date of publication to enable its timely circulation to outstation newspapers
    • In case the demand of the Indenting Department is urgent and it is considered that inviting tenders through usual tender notice will entail undue delay, short term or special tender notice can be got published in press on any day through D.P.R. giving two weeks time to the tenderers to quote rates. In the interest of economy publication of separate short term or special tender notices is avoided and the items urgently required are grouped separately in the usual tender notice and the tenderers are required to quote early
    • When it is considered that it would be in-expedient to resort to calling tenders through press advertisement of the value of stores to be purchased in small short term quotations in form SP 12 are invited by floating inquiries amongst the firms registered with Directorate of Supplies & Disposals and other known suppliers giving them 10-15 days or less time to quote rates
    • In cases when the demand of the indenting Officer is urgent or there has been no response to the tender notice issued through press or short terms quotations, the competent authority may order to make spot purchase. The officers deputed for spot purchase will visit the known market of the commodity to be purchased, study the market conditions, collect the quotations on the spot and decide the purchase
    • The detailed specifications of stores, amount of earnest money required, super scribed tender number, the date of opening of tenders, the date up to which rates are to be kept valid, quantity of stores required, F.O.R. stations and other special conditions and important notes relating to each separate item appearing in NIT (Notice Inviting Tender) shall be indicated in separate Annexure to NIT (Schedule A) in form SP-r13
    • A copy of Tender Notice along with all its annexures is put up on Office Notice Board find also supplied to all officers in charges O.S./S.O./ Heard Assistant’s’ for record and reference. Adequate number of copies are also supplied to General Managers, District Industries Centre, Industrial Promotion Officers/Functional Manager, District Industries Centre, Bahadurgarh, Karnal and Yamuna Nagar and also Industrial Liaison Officer, Haryana Bhawan, New Delhi as given in para 6.6. (v) below
    • A copy of NIT is also dispatched to all the registered Suppliers known Suppliers, parties indicated by 1.0. in the indent and the firms having ISI License as mentioned in the Buyer’s guide brought out by ISI. All dealing assistants are required to keep an up to date list of such suppliers & have the cyclostyled copies the re-of in headstock so that they can hand them over to dispatch Section for issuing the tender notices