Issue of Supply Order

    The detailed supply order shall be kept ready for issue within 7 days of the issue of acceptance letter and shall be issued within two days of receipt of the security and signed tender documents (Schedule ‘B’ etc.),in the form given in Annexure III of Stores Purchase Rules. No supply order should be issued subject to signing of Schedule ‘B’, deposit of tender fee, security etc., because no binding contract comes into being in such cases and no risk purchase or forfeiture of security etc. can be effected against the firm in case of default.

    The supply order should contain the following particulars as approved by the competent authority

    • Correct name and address of the contractor as given in the tender
    • Correct designation and address of the Indenting Officer and all con signees
    • Full particulars of Stores ordered for along with technical specifications of stores accepted as per offer of the firm. Care should be taken to incorporate all the clarifications and additional information supplied by tenderer on which the decision of purchase has been based
    • Total quantity ordered and its break-up consignee wise unless these are to be supplied to contractor by L.O.
      b)A copy of drawings should be supplied to contractor unless already supplied or unless these are to be supplied to the contractor by I.O.
    • Correct rates of stores indicating F.O.R. terms
    • Delivery period for completion of supplies. In case sometime is to be given for commencement of supplies that should be indicated. In case the supply is to be completed in phased manner the phased programme should be indicated

      In case a lower offer has been ignored due to longer delivery period, it shall be made clear to the contractor that if he does not adhere to the stipulated delivery period, he will be paid at the rate contained in the aforesaid lower offer ignored on account of longer delivery period without prejudice to other penal action as warranted under the terms of the contract.

    • Pay money terms : The accepted payment terms should be carefully indicated. Payment varying from 90 % to 98 % is allowed to the contractor through Bank against R.R. supported by invoice and inspection report accepting the stores provided the stores have, been dispatched at Railway Risk or duly insured. The Bank charges are usually borne by the contractor. If the payment is to be allowed against physical delivery at destination by road transport that should be indicated. he period after which balance payment is to be re-leased should be indicated.
    • Inspection;Clause – The designation of the officer authorized to inspect the stores should be indicated
    • Taxes and Duties & Octroi
      1. It should be stated whether taxes duties and octroi are to be paid extra or the rates are inclusive. In case some declaration forms (e.g. Sales tax form ‘D’ or Octroi exemption certificate)_is to be supplied to contractor by I.O./Consignee or the contractor is to procedure documentary evidence of the levies it should be clearly mentioned
      2. The stipulation regarding the extra payment resulting from statutory variations in taxes and duties during the originally specified delivery period should be very specific. It should clearly state the documentary proof required to be produced by contractor before he is entitled to claim extra payments
      3. In the case of firms of repute and those registered with this Directo rate, D.G.S. & D and National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), they should be asked to furnish their Sales Tax Registration Number before issue of supply order
    • In case of other firms, the following clause should be inserted in the supply orders
      1. “Sales tax shall be paid to the firm only after it has submitted a photostat copy of the Registration Certificate under the Sales Tax Act to the consignee as well as to the Director, Suppliers & Disposals, Haryana. In case of rate contract cases such supplier should be required to send photostat copy of the Sales Tax Registration Certificate to the Indenting Officers/Consignee. The Indenting Officers / Consignee will release the balance payment of the firm only after receipt 0of the aforesaid Certificate.”
      2. Copies of the supply orders/Rate Contracts be endorsed to the Excise & Taxation Commissioner of the State and District Excise & Taxation Officer of the area wherein a request be made to ensure that the sales tax is paid by the party to the Government
        1. The period of guarantee/warranty which governs the stores should be stated. It should be stated whether the period of guarantee/warranty is to commence from the date of dispatch or installation or commissioning
        2. Installation and Commissioning – In case the contractor is responsible for installation and commissioning of stores supplied the terms governing it should be indicated. The responsibility for supply of design, completion of foundation and civil work etc. should be specified