Later No. 11/3/65/5IB-II-80 dated 12-9-1983

    Copy of later No. 11/3/65/5IB-II-80 dated 12-9-1983 (torn the Financial Commissioners and Secy, to Govt. Haryana, Industries Department to all Heads of Departments, Commissioners, Ambaia & Hissar Divisions, all Deputy Corn missioners in the State and Sub Divisional Oincers (Civil), the Registrar, Punjab and Haryana High Court

    Subject : Marketing assistance-Reservations of Hand Made Paper items for purchase of Govt. Departments

    Government have now decided to declare that following items of Hand Made paper as reserved item being manufactured by the units who are working Under Khadi and Village Industries Board or such units as have been financially assisted by them for the purchase by the Govt. Departments

    • Files/Flying covers in various colours shades & thickness
    • Drawing paper in different sizes, thickness, weight finishes
    • Degree Diploma, certificate paper
    • Coloured and white pulp Board in various size & thickness
    • Bond paper for D.O. letters pads
    • Cards sheets for greeting cards/invitation cards
    • Wrapping envelops file Bonds/flapper paper

    The purchase of these items will exclusively be made through the Haryana State Small Industries and Export Corpn. and the price of these items should not exceed the market price.

    You are, therefore, requested to bring these instructions to the notice of all concerned for strict compliance.