Letter No. f11(3)-25-5 IBII-79 dated 19-10-83

    Copy of letter No.f11(3)-25-5 IBII-79 dated 19-10-83 from the Financial Com missioner & Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Industries Department to all Heads of Departments, Commissioners, Ambala & Hissar Divisions, Deputy Commissioners and Sub-Divisional Officers (Civil) in Haryana, the Register, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh

    Subject : Marketing Assistance to the Tiny Units set up under the Rural Industries scheme through Haryana state Small Industries & Export Corporation.

    I am directed to invite a reference to Haryana Govt. Industries Department Letter No. ll(3)-25-5 IBII-9, dated 25-6-79, 15-4-81 and 1-4-83 vide which certain items being manufactured by the rural units were reserved for Government purchase exclusively to be marketed through the Haryana State Small Industries & Export Corporation and to say that an amendment in Rule 9, Appendix 17 of P.F.R. Volume-II was made by Finance Dep’t, vide their notification No. 413-11/25881-5 F.D-III dated 31-12-1981, which inter alia lays down as under

    • “an article of store shall, however, be purchased from the approved sources only if its price is upto the one provided in the rate contract, if any, arranged by the Director, Supplies & Disposals, Haryana or the market price, which ever is less” and the instructions issued vide Haryana Government Industries Deptt) letter No. II (l)-II-5 BIII-80dated 4-11-1981 ithas become necessary to revive the policy of reserve items
    • Accordingly, Govt. have now decided to give exemption from the operation of the above said Rule 9, Appendix 17 of P.F.R. volume-II in respect of reserved items only and the Haryana State Small Industries & Export Corp. will not charge any commission on the sale of such goods
    • Government have further decided that actual manufacturer’s certificate shall not be insisted upon from HSS1 & SC in respect of reserved items. However, the Corporation must be under an obligation to certify that the good supplied by them have actually been manufactured by a rural Industrial tiny unit registered with them
    • It has also further been decided that is case of articles pertaining to the reserved list, any other Corporation/Agency duplicating the work of supply may be directed to withdraw from the activity. The reserved items may be purchased through the Haryana State Small Industries & Export Corporation which would only be an approved source except Hospital Garments and Linens. In case of Hospital Garments and Linens, it has already been decided that Haryana Red Cross Society shall continue to be concurrent approved source of Supply in the matter of Hospital Garments and Linens. It is felt that this relaxation in favor of Red Cross Society will continue, while in all other cases this decision should be implemented in to to. However, it should be made obligatory on the HSSI & EC to make supply as per specifications ordinarily within a specific period stipulated by the purchasing department in the supply order and in the event of their failure to do so, issue non­ availability certificate forthwith so that the department concerned could arrange their requirements from other approved sources
    • You are, therefore requested to bring these instructions to the notice of all concerned for compliance