Letter No. ll(3)-25-5 IBH-79, 25-6-79

    Copy of letter No. ll(3)-25-5 IBH-79, 25-6-79 from the Commissioner & Secretary to Government, Haryana, Industries Department, Chandigarh to all Heads of Departments, Commissioner Ambala/Hissar Divisions Deputy Commissioners

    I am directed to say that the State Government have introduced a Rural Industries Scheme to eradicate unemployment in the State. I he tiny units set up under this scheme are facing marketing problems for the sale of goods manufactured by them. After careful consideration, the Government have decided to reserve the under noted 6 items being manufactured by the tiny rural units to be purchased by all Government Departments under Haryana Govt. exclusively through the medium of Haryana State Small Industries & Export Corporation Ltd., subject to the following observations

    Items reserved

    • Steel and Wooden furniture
    • A.C.C. Cement Pipes
    • Bandages
    • Polythene Bags
    • Hospital Garments and Linens
    • Handmade Paper file covers/flying covers
    • The Purchasing Departments Shall indent their requirements on the Haryana State Small Industries and Export Corporation specifying the delivery schedule. In case the Corporation is not in a position to meet the requirements in full or within the time limit it shall give a non-availability certificate promptly
    • The rates charges shall be reasonable and reviewed from time to time by the Corporation so as to ensure that these are competitive. For this purpose a Committee consisting of General Manager (Marketing), Controller of Accounts, Cost Accountant and Manager Project would be formed by the Corporation which will scrutinies the rates and revise the same in such a ‘ way that they remain competitive
    • The goods supplied should conform to the specifications and their quality should be acceptable
      Bed sheets to be supplied to Director Health Service should be made out of mill cloth and woolen items like blankets should not be included in the category of linen
    • Gauze cloth and bandages to be supplied to the Director of Health Services should be manufactured by units which have already obtained the requisite drug license
    • Wherever ISI marked items are required to be supplied, the Corporation shall arrange to produce a certificate from a Quality Marketing Centre of Industries Department to the effect that the goods offered conform to ISI specifications
    • Hospital equipment is not covered under the item Steel furniture
    • The Corporation will see that the goods supplied are properly inspected and thereafter these will be stamped-inspected

    These instructions be compiled with strictly.