Notification No. 2633-2 FR- 75/19027, dated 17th July, 1975

    In exercise of the powers conferred by article 283 of the Constitution of India and all other Powers enabling him in this behalf, the Governor of Haryana makes the following rules to amend the Punjab Financial Rules, Vol. II in their application tp the State of Haryana, namely

    • These rules may be called the Punjab Financial Rules Volume II (Haryana Third Amendment), Rules 1975
    • In the Punjab Financial Rules, Volume II, the appendix 17, the following Appendix shall be substituted namely “Appendix 17”

    Rules for the supply of articles (other than Khadi for which there are separate instructions) from Jails, Co-operative Societies and other institutions (hereinafter referred to as the source) specified in the Schedule here-to against Government requirement.

    • It is obligatory on all officers to obtain the articles against Government . requirements, from the sources
    • Head of Department in respect of the sources will supply annually in the month of January, to all Heads of Departments and disbursing officers under advice to Govt. in the Industries Department, a detailed up to date list showing
      1. The source under their control with a list of articles manufactured therein, with prices
      2. The amount of each article or class of articles which each source is required to keep in stock ready made
      3. The articles of which samples can be sent on demand or seen at the source ; and
      4. The particulars which should be specified by officers indenting for the various articles

    Note : Addendum, corrigendum and/or amendments to those lists should be issued at any time during the course of a year as and when considered necessary.

    • In case there is more than one source manufacturing a particular item of Stores, the indenting officer shall issue inquiries to all of them simultaneously and place order on any one of them
    • If on receipt of the indent the source concerned is unable to comply therewith, it shall at once inform the Indenting Officer accordingly who shall then be at liberty to report to purchase against rate contract, if available, otherwise may make a local purchase within his competence
    • If the source concerned is unable to comply with indent within the required period and the supply is really urgently needed, the indenting officer may with the sanction of the Head of the Department (or if he is himself a Head of Department, without further sanction) proceed to obtain the article in the manner indicated in rule 4 above
    • Every endeavor should be made by the indenting Government servant to anticipate his requirements and to place his orders with the sources well in time. Small supplementary indents should, as far as possible, be avoided, care should be exercised not to crowd in indents towards the and of the Financial year
    • Where there is any likelihood of dispute as to the quality of an article indented for, the indenting Govt. servants should, when possible, either obtain a sample from the sources or provide the source concerned with a sample and if he has any complaint regarding the quality of articles provided he should address the Head of Department of the source supplying the material direct on the subject
    • The following are exempted from the obligation referred to in rule I above for the purchase of furniture and may purchase their requirements locally by calling tenders within their financial competence
      1. Agriculture Settlement, Bir Thetbani in Karnal District
      2. Agriculture Settlement, Bir Bidla, Karnal Dist.
    • An article of stores shall however be purchased from the approved source only if its price is upto the one provided in the rate contract arranged by the Controller of Stores, Haryana, if available or the market price whichever is less (amend- vide F.D. Notification No. 4415-II- 250/81-5 FD III dated 31-12-81)


    • Jails Factories
    • Co-operative Societies/Industries Institutions run by various Departments of the State Government
    • Haryana Red Cross Society
    • Haryana Agro-Industries Corporation (for the supply of tractors and other Agricultural implements to all Haryana Government offices)
    • Shoes Production Centre at Karnal run by Haryana Harijan Kalyan Nigam Ltd., Chandigarh (for the supply of Shoes/Chappals required by the Police, Transport, Home Guards and other Departments of the State Govt)
    • Haryana State Small Industries and Export Corporation Ltd., Chandigarh