Opening of Tenders

    The tenders are opened in accordance with the procedure given in Rule 8(vi) of Store Purchase Rules on 1st & 16th of each month. If the date of opening of tenders falls on a holiday, the tenders are opened on the next working day. The special Tender, – Short Terms Tenders and quotations can, however, be opened on any working day. according to the date fixed keeping in view the urgency of the requirement but ordinarily they may be opened on Wednesday or next working day

    The tenders are received in a locked tender box. The key of tender box is kept by the Head Assistant or an official to whom the duty to supervise opening of tender is assigned by the Director Supplies & Disposals. At the appointed time on the date of opening of tender the slit meant for inserting tenders in tender box is closed, the tender box is then opsasi in the presence of panel of Officers consisting of the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Vigilance Bureau and three officers of the Directorate and the tenderers present. The tenders are opened in the presence of the panel of officers. The envelopes containing tenders are taken out and counted by Head Assistant, with the assistance of officials of purchase sections. These are then sorted out according to super scribed tender number. In case a tender is not super scribed it is opened to verify the case to which it relates. The number of sealed covers is noted on concerned annexure to tender in the relevant file under the attestation of H.A. Simultaneously the number of covers for each super scribed tenders is entered in tender register and attested by the panel of officers

    The tenders relating to each super scribed No.. are formed into a separate bunch with the relevant annexure to the tender (Schedule A) on the top. A list of tenders in duplicate is then prepared by the concerned assistant or record keeper by carbon process in the following form:(SP—15)

    After the panel has signed each page of the tender according to rule 8(vii) & 8(viii) of Store Purchase Rules, the Head Assistant concerned of the purchase section will scrutinizes all the tenders to see that all the pages in the tender have been signed and all additions, alterations, cuttings and overwriting, have been initialed by the officers of panel. In case he finds any unattested page or cutting overwriting, addition, alteration in the tender, he will at once get it signed from the officers of panel. This is very important as leaving anything unattested at this stage may create controversy or doubt subsequently

    The bunch of tenders signed by the officers of the panel will then be handed over to the Assistant concerned who will announce the rates to the tenderers who may be present and will obtain their signatures on the back of the schedule A bearing the attestation of the members of the panel of officers. At the same time the dealing assistant will very carefully and minutely examine each page of the tender to ensure that all over writings, cuttings, erasers and alterations have been duly attested by panel of the officers opening the tenders. If he notices any unattested change he will at once take the same to the panel of officers and have the same attested. In case the panel of officers have dispersed., he will bring it to the notice of branch officer, or other senior officers on the same day immediately

    After announcing the rates, the dealing assistant will keep the tenders in safe custody and will not part with them until the comparative statement has been prepared

    1. He should carefully see that there is no unattested alteration in the tenders. Thereafter if any unattested alteration comes to the notice he will be held personally responsible and will be severely punished
    2. Duplicate copies of tenders are detached and kept in separate custody by the official charged with the responsibility in this behalf