Preparation of Comparative Statement

    After the tenders/quotations have been opened, the comparative statement of rates is prepared in each case is form SP-16 by the Assistant concerned, it is the duty of the Dealing Assistant to fill up- all the relevant columns very clearly and meticulously. The comparative statement is checked by Head Assistant. Both the Assistant and Head Assistant affix their signatures on the comparative statement in token of having prepared and checked the same. Thereafter it is counter-signed by the Branch Officer concerned.

    The gradation of rates is made after taking into account the sales tax, excise duty, other statutory levies, freight charges, discount, if any and element of price preference etc. wherever accessories or installation are required, the cost thereof is also taken into account. Discount offered for prompt payment or for delivery ex-godown is not considered except where the competent authority decides otherwise.

    The gradation is boldly indicated by the dealing Assistant in red pencil in Arabic Numerals in the prescribed column.