Registration as Approved Contractors

    Manufacturers , Stockiest and dealers can get themselves registered by making application on prescribed forms ( Annexure –I & II), which can be had from the Receptionist between 11-00 A.M to 12-00 Noon and 2.30 P.M to 3-30 P.M on all working days on payment of Rs.5/- in cash. The forms can also be obtained by post by remitting a crossed postal order / Money order of Rs.5/-Plus postal charges Rs.50/- to the Directorate .

    Manufacturers and dealers have to deposit permanent security of Rs.1,00,000/- ( One Lacs ) respectively in the form of Demand Draft / Call Deposit Receipt / and pay Rs.1000/- registration fee and Rs.500/- as annual renewal fee.

    The registration in liable to cancellation in case the annual renewal fee is not deposited up to the date of expiry of the period of registration or the firm is blacklisted/debarred from doing business with Government Generally a notice is issued a month in advance to the registered firm to deposit the fee. The firms must comply with the notice in their own interest.

    These registered firms are entitled to following benefits

    • They will not be required to deposit earnest money with the tenders
    • They will be invariably supplied copies of tender notices and enquires and quotations free of cost well before the due date

    The registration can be got terminated on making a request in this behalf where upon the security deposit is released and the name removed from the list .