Special Purchase Committees

    Special Purchase Committees are constituted by specific orders of the Government for a particular department for finalizing purchase of special nature of stores with such membership and for such duration as the Government may decide from time to time

    The Government have constituted the following Special Purchase Commit tees

    • Special Purchase Committee for Transport Department
    • Special Purchase Committee for Irrigation Department
    • Special Purchase Committee for Sports Goods to be purchased by the Sports Department
    • Special Purchase Committee for Tourism/Public Relations/Hospitality and Cultural Affairs Dep’t
    • Special Purchase Committee for Education Dep’t
    • Special Purchase Committee for purchase of Chemicals & glass wares/ Furniture/Medical equipment’s etc. for Medical College & Hospital, Rohtak
    • Special Purchase Committee for the purchase of medicines for Animal Husbandry
    • Special Purchase Committee for furnishing of Minister’s houses
    • Special Purchase Committee for furnishing of Rest Houses

    These Committees can finalize purchases only up to Rs. 5 lakhs except where otherwise indicated in Annexure II. However, in the case of Irrigation Department purchases exceeding Rs. 2.5 Lakhs only will will be finalized by the Special Purchase Committee
    The composition & competence of the above Special Purchase Commit tees is given in Annexure II to this Chapter
    In the case of Transport Department and Medical College, tenders are invited by the Indenting Department, while in all other cases, this is done by the Director Supplies & Disposals. Incase the purchase exceeds Rs. 5 Lakhs the tenders are invited by the Director Supplies & Disposals and purchase is finalized by the High Powered Committee

    The cases which do not fall within the purview of the Purchase Committees are decided by Government /Director/Deputy Director/Assistant Director Supplies & Disposals according to the financial delegation of powers as given in Chapter XV

    Even cases which fall within the competency of the departmental officers but involve certain major relaxation of rules are to be referred to Government for decision

    Normally no agenda is prepared for the Standing Purchase committee (Lower). However, detailed agenda notes are prepared & circulated to the members of High Powered Committee & S.P.C. Higher well in advance by the Directorate. While preparing the agenda, the following aspects are dealt with

    • Salient features of N.I.T. Along with copy of N.I.T. As Annexure
    • Comparative statement of rates & other terms & conditions
    • Technical Comments on the tenders
    • Discussion of the offers starting from the lowest keeping in view the Price Preference &” other Govts. instructions relating to earnest money tender fees & other conditions of N.I.T
    • Proposals for consideration by Committee

    In case of meetings of High Powered Committee, the Hindi version of Agenda notes is also prepared & sent to the members
    The preparation of agenda notes should be started simultaneously with the dispatch of U.O. notes to Chairman of the Committee for the fixation of the time & date of meeting so that the agenda notes can be available to the members at the shortest possible notice

    As a matter of abundant caution, the members concerned should be re minded telephonically by the branch officer concerned and he should ensure that the agenda note reaches them. He should also take along with him spare copies of agenda note & make it available to the members if required
    The meetings of the Technical/Standing Purchase Committees should no be adjourned unnecessarily and there should, be no avoidable delay in finalizing the cases. It should be endeavored to place order within two months from the date of opening of tenders. All cases where meeting of technical Committee/S.P.C (Lower) has to be postponed for want of quorum, the matter should be borough to the notice of Director Supplies & Disposals. The branch officer of concerned purchase section should contact the technical experts/I.O. on phone as far as possible & see that the meetings are held as per schedule. It is advisable to consult the technical experts before fixing the date of meeting

    Normally the minutes of the meetings of S.P.C. are signed by all the members of the Committee immediately after the meeting is over. In case due to some reasons the minutes are not ready immediately, these are got signed from the local members within three days. The minutes are sent to the different outstation members by registered post by name with covering letter clearly mentioning that in case the minutes are not received duly signed within 15 days of the dispatch of the minutes, it is presumed that the member agrees with the contents of the minutes.

    In order to avoid delay, action on the decisions is to be initiated in anticipation of the formal signing of the proceedings by all the members. A decision to this effect must be recorded in the proceedings.

    While finalizing the purchases on the basis of quotations, provisions of Rule 18 of Stores Purchase Rules regarding certificate of reason-ability of the rates are kept in view. The rule reads as under

    “ unless competitive tenders from at least 6 firms are received the quotations shall be rejected. If the demand happens to be very urgent, the authority next above the Indenting Officer may be consulted before rejection and if that authority recommends that the purchase be effected on the basis of the number of tenders received and certifies that the rates in tender proposed to be accepted are reasonable suitable action shall be taken by Stores Purchase Organization after referring the matter to the authority next above that ordinarily competent to sanction purchase.”